Frequentlys asked Questions:

Q: What do you teach at the class?

Ans: Fire Escape Plans, Different types of Fire Extinguishers, why our homes and office buildings are burning down faster than ever before. Mis-conceptions that people have about fire.

Q: Why can't I make purchases during your class?

Ans: Our classes are promoted as "Educational Only" and because of this we want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed at our classes. You can always inquire about any products at a later date.

Q: I understand that you don't talk about prices at your class. Is this because your prices are more expensive?

Ans: It's the opposite. We are very proud of our prices and challenge anyone to do price comparisons with any other company and compare apples to apples. Many of our most popular products for homes are less expensive from us than anywhere and we always offer a price match guarantee.

Q: All the people in your class seemed to be under age 30? Do you offer education for older groups?

Ans: We do classes for every age of adults and welcome everyone. Some classes are catered towards groups over 30 and some are under age 30.

Q: Who pays for the classes when it's during a dinner?

Ans: The dinner is sponsored and paid for by our company through our advertising budget and various donations.

Q: Are your teachers Fire Fighters?

Ans: Many of our teachers wanted to be Fire Fighters, but instead decided to teach fire safety and prevention. Many of our teachers were former burn victims and have a lot of passion about Fire Safety, but we have no affiliation with any specific Fire Department.

Q: Lots of your equipment looks like it is for Fire Departments or Police Departments. Why would the average home owner benefit from seeing a class showing that type of equipment?

Ans: We retail just about everything that has to do with Fire Safety and offer many excellent products to Fire Departments and industrial companies, but our community classes are aimed at helping the average home owner learn about things that would be more appropriate for them.

Q: Can I bring my children to a class?

Ans: The majority of our classes are for adults only. This is because Fire Safety always starts with adults and decisions about what role children will be allowed to do in each family may be different. Classes that allow children are really more fun but more generic. We do not want to scare children.

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